A day in Trump’s Twitter account

I woke up early yesterday morning, started a pot of coffee, went to catch up on the news, and this is one of the first things I saw:

Trump Tweet 1When I tried to look at replies, I got an error message — the tweet had been deleted. A few minutes later, he was agitating for a short, victorious trade war:

And after he got that out, he proofread and reupped the Alec Baldwin tweet:

And then he went back to promoting a trade war with Canada.

Conclusion: as of early yesterday morning, those two things were equally important to him. That’s somewhat ridiculous.

So is a trade war with Canada, as other, more principled righties have already pointed out:

Not long ago, Republicans waxed quite righteous about the Obama administration “picking winners and losers” in the economy. I’m at a loss as to why we should stop now.


And this move isn’t in the interests of most people. How is it “populist” to punish over 300 million consumers and the 6.5 million workers in steel-consuming industries for the benefit of 140,000 workers in the steel-producing industry?

Add a shout-out to Eric Bolling and a picture of Trump’s creepy mannequin grin at Billy Graham’s funeral, and that was what the President of the United States did on Twitter yesterday.

Who knows what today will bring?

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