“A fake burglary call and an extramarital affair: Woman arrested for making false report”

Still slowly whittling down my backlog of Twitter likes, and I came across this story from Alabama:

Around 9 a.m. Wednesday, Millbrook police received a call from a woman who reported a burglary in progress at her home. Except there was no burglar.

What appeared to be a routine burglary call turned out to be a failed attempt by a Millbrook woman, 33-year-old Amber Lewis, to use police to spook her husband, who she believed was having an extramarital affair, according to a release from the Millbrook Police Department.

The cops arrested the husband and the other woman, because they wanted to feel like they’d made a difference or something. Then they turned around and charged Lewis with “making a false report to law enforcement,” and also with drug possession because there were drugs in the house.

Go ahead and control-F the story yourself; the word “swatting” doesn’t appear. Nor does the less colloquial “attempted murder.” Instead it’s played for laughs, as it was in several other places this story popped up — look at the lengths this woman will go to to get back at her cheating husband, or LOL dumbass, calling the cops when she knew there were drugs in the house. And every copy of this story I saw led with Amber Lewis’ pudgy, slightly-smirking mugshot — a figure of fun, see?


Andrew who?

Via Fark, because of course Fark picked it up. It’s supposed to be funny now.

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