Donald Trump is an assclown: Category 5 edition

The Hill:

President Trump: “I’m not sure that I’ve ever even heard of the Category 5. I knew it existed, and I’ve seen some category 4s — you don’t even see them that much but the category 5 is something that I don’t know that I’ve ever even heard the term other than I know it’s there.”

Clickbait successful: I had to watch the video just to make sure The Hill wasn’t making this quote up.

I generally try to avoid mocking people while they’re admitting ignorance. I figure that’d make people less likely to admit ignorance, and thus less likely to abandon ignorance.

…but come the fuck on.

It’s literally part of Trump’s job to pose as the best-informed man in America. And even that shouldn’t be necessary for someone who owns properties in Florida. Especially for someone who’s filed a questionable insurance claim for hurricane-related property damage.

That insurance-claim story reveals a new side of Trump’s meteorological dumbassery, though:

Trump said he could not remember which hurricane had damaged Mar-a-Lago or when it hit.

…the hurricane he’d filed a $17 million insurance claim over.

He wasn’t president yet, so this bit might have been the then-typical Trump con — “I can’t be bothered to know the details of niggling little expenses like $17 million, that’s how rich I am, I’m so rich that the investment I want you to help me with can’t possibly fail” — or he might be so self-absorbed that he’s literally never talked to a Floridian about the weather any of the hundreds of times he’s been there.

Or, quite possibly, both.

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