Kamala Harris is out

So Kamala Harris dropped out of the 2020 primary race this week, and good riddance.

Manistream speculation seems to be focusing partly on her campaign’s difficulty gathering money and endorsements – there are still 198 candidates in the Democratic primary, so lefty fundraising is split 198 ways – and also racism and sexism, not that lefties are racist and sexist, oh god no, but that they doubted that Harris could gain any traction in as racist and sexist a country as America.

Meanwhile, the most common complaint among lefties, righties, and libertarians about the Harris campaign was that Harris was just too blatantly authoritarian.

Not that the others aren’t – people who aren’t intolerably authoritarian don’t run for president – but Harris was blatant about it. And that’s bad. She was supposed to look sorrowful at the necessity of using police power on social issues. Blatancy gives the game away and prompts the intended victims to wonder if all the other pols are equally power-thirsty and just hide it better. And the other pols don’t want that, oh no.

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