The urge to burn it all down

There are more than two posts on this blog.

It might have been otherwise.

Once in a while, I become disenchanted with my older writing, intensely enough that I want to delete it all and start fresh. I’ve actually done so a few times, abandoning (and deleting) an old blog I was sick of and starting a new one.

And then, some time later, I’d regret it. The new-blog feeling of boundless possibility would have worn off, because the new blog would just have more of my writing. I’d think back on some of that older garbage and realize that some of it had actually been worth saving, and I’d repost it.

…if I still had a copy on my computer, that is. Some of the stuff I came to miss is gone forever, except for a headline and a dead Publicize link on an old Twitter account.

So when I felt that disenchantment again a week or so ago, while I was working on an early draft of “On not writing,” I knew better. I knew that, sooner or later, I’d miss some bit of wordplay I’d done, or I’d want to refer back to a subject I’d already written about, or I’d want to retain the trickle of traffic from a popular post. (I had no idea so many people would come looking for a snarky analysis of PepCoin.)

It’s equally true – though I didn’t think of it until afterward – that if this blog’s first post was about a two-month writing hiatus, it would just confuse people (two months since what, exactly?), and that if I switched blogs again I’d just set up a copy of this one but with less content, because I have no big subject changes or different organizational ideas I want to try out.

So I’ve left the old garbage where it is.

…for now.

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