“Stop! I own Hela!”

Here’s a copyright notice I noticed recently:

Stop! I will and do pursue copyright violations. This image is copyrighted, registration code: [redacted] through Copyrighted.com and through DA’s common license. This work may NOT be used for any professional, income generating or business purposes. It may not be used on You Tube, blogs, social networks without my direct permission. You do not have permission to alter this image in any way. You may not reupload it after downloading it or share it in anyway without my permission and a direct link back to this page, then naming PendragonArts as the artist and the art title, giving me full and proper credit. Then you also must comment here where exactly is shared and give me a copy/pasted direct url link to where it has been shared. Copyright location: [redacted]

Source: a piece of mediocre Thor: Ragnarok fan artt.

A quick scan of some of the artist’s other pics reveals that she does this with all of them, with the threat changing and evolving over the years but keeping the same tone, and just like this one, she likes to do it before any self-criticism, thanking of/engagement with viewers, or credit to the stock artists and models she used.

Speaking of which: I think my favorite part was how people “do not have permission to alter this image in any way” when it consists entirely of stock art and shaders. Imagining the “full legal team available by and at Pixy” trying to prove that some bit of stock came from this pic and not from the stock’s source is even funnier than watching a fan artist asserting ownership of a Disney character.

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