20. A mediocre walk spoiled

A discerning reader might have gathered from a recent post that I spend a lot of time commuting. After that two-mile walk to the bus stop, I ride for half an hour and then spend half an hour waiting around, because the bus schedule hardly ever matches my schedule. (If it did, I wouldn’t trust it and I’d arrive an hour early instead.)

That’s when the busses are running. When they aren’t — which is, on average, seven commutes out of ten — I just walk the other three miles.

My commute takes some time, is what I’m saying. So I’ve been slowly adapting to do a few “leisure” things during those walks. YouTube viewing is one of them; I don’t actually like watching on a phone screen, but for some videos the visuals don’t matter, or at least the details don’t matter.

Reading is something I already did a lot of on mobile, so the other thing I could shift over is writing, or at least editing. The first drafts of posts like this are on receipt paper, because I did it at work and managers have a well-honed freak-out-over-phone-use reflex, but most of my editing has been in a text-editor app lately; the results are then pasted into the WordPress app.

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