Speaking of dodgy Android apps…


INDIA’S two major parties are exchanging barbs over a controversy spurred by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s official smartphone app.

The PM’s official NaMo App, which allows users to receive messages, updates and emails from Modi, was on Sunday accused by the Indian National Congress opposition leader Rahul Gandhi of leaking personal data to a third party without their consent.

…the third party in question being CleverTap, whose tech the app is apparently built on, so a charitable reader might say that users’ data is sort of staying in-house. NaMo asks for a depressing number of permissions, though, and CleverTap is in the online marketing business, so the odds of them being trustworthy with people’s data are pretty low.

Here’s my question: why the fiery hell did anyone install this thing in the first place?

Here’s what it does:

It provides a unique opportunity to receive messages and emails directly from the Prime Minister.

I’m pretty sure India has text messaging and email.

But wait, there’s more!

Thoughtful forums where you can share your ideas, views and deliberate with a wide range of people.

Don’t need a special app for a forum, either.

Other listed features of the app duplicate a blog, a podcast player, and a campaign website. The only thing I see in the features list that might need a special app (or a specially-designed web page that already exists) is the gamification of volunteer work:

Small Tasks, Big Satisfaction: Contribute & earn Badges through the to-do tasks.

The Play store page claims this thing has between five and ten million installs. India’s a big country, and Modi has been pushing government-managed volunteering, but that’s still millions more installs than there should be, especially considering there are web-baed, iOS, and Win10 alternatives. Is it a show of political loyalty or something?


Please, none of you tell Trump about this.


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