Meet the new rep, same as the old rep

Unless Bruce Poliquin somehow manages to retroactively rewrite election law (which he’s trying, the whiny little miscreant), he’s about to leave Congress, to be replaced by Jared Golden.

I have mixed feelings about this.

On the other hand, good riddance to Poliquin. Even his campaign couldn’t come up with much good to say about him other than “incumbency is awesome,” and his previous campaigning touted the small-business virtues of hard work and personal responsibility that he learned as… um… a pension fund manager. As far as his actual performance goes, he’s been what the Brits call a “back-bencher” — nothing more than a warm body who lends his vote to the clique of tyrants he’s pledged to.

On the other hand, Jared Golden looks to be no better. He didn’t distinguish himself at the state level enough for me to notice him (though admittedly, like most sane people, I don’t pay much attention to the state legislature). And his campaign message was as follows:

  • Poliquin is odious. (True.)
  • I joined the military after 9/11! (Bragging about this indicates that he’s fully on board with America’s ass-headed foreign policy.)
  • I’ve worked with both Republicans and Democrats. (Bragging about how smoothly he can fit into any part of the political establishment… ugh.)

So he’s going to be another back-bencher, lending his vote to the other clique of tyrants in DC.

On second thought, I guess I don’t have mixed feelings after all. I scorn them both, wouldn’t trust either as far as I can throw a bathtub, and expect nothing good to come from them or anyone like them.

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