If you follow gaming news at all, you’ve heard the widespread disappointment in Fallout 76, Bethesda’s new MMO. And if you follow gaming news closely enough, you’ve heard about the cheapo nylon bag that came with the $200 Fallout 76 collector’s edition (snicker) and the related allegations of false advertising and bad customer service.

I’ve seen several responses to this so far, but the best was from IAmPattyJack, who rushed out a print-on-demand canvas bag and advertised it on his YouTube channel as a dig at Bethesda:

“When we say 100% canvas, we mean it. Trust me, I’d never lie about my sack. Besides, what would we replace it with, some cheap material like nylon? (snort) What kind of asshole would do that?”

He’d already made his point, though: “Hi, I’m a small-time Youtuber, and I can sell a canvas tote bag for $15. That puts the excuses from this multi-billion-dollar multinational corporation about how they couldn’t afford to put one in their $200 box of plastic toys into sharper perspective, doesn’t it?”

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