If you have time to dream up makework…

The most recent “Did You Know” communique from management ended with this line:

As the saying goes, If you have time to lean, you have time to clean! : )

With a fucking smiley.

This glob of congealed rhetoric was attached to a suggestion that, if we ever have a lull between customers, we should spend that time sweeping the walkway in front of the store, because that’s something that can be done several times a day if you’re looking for pure and obvious makework. And never mind that, instead of the “cigarette butts and trash” management describes, the only foreign matter out there most of the time is the salt we threw there to deice the damn walkway. How many people do they think loiter out front, in the below-zero wind chill, smoking?

I’d suspect the store manager of using some corporate rhetorical playbook of makework suggestions and stock lines if she hadn’t capitalized “Workday” three different ways in the space of two sentences. Maybe a mix of stock lines and more extemporaneous folly?


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