“Woman targeted for speaking Spanish in racist rant caught on camera”

San Jose, California:

[San Jose resident Grecya Moran] told ABC7 News, she was initially greeted in Spanish by one employee, while another stood nearby. The short conversation in Spanish was soon interrupted by the second employee. She demanded the two speak English.

“I even went up to her and I apologized,” Moran said. “I said, ‘Excuse me, I’m sorry. All she was saying is, she was greeting me in Spanish. How my day’s going.’ And she said, ‘I don’t care, you talk in English because this is America.'”

Moran said the woman grew even more hostile.

“She started saying something about, ‘Trump needs to hurry up and build the wall.’

I’m having trouble imagining how someone who lives in California, in a city that’s about a third Latino, and has a Spanish-speaking coworker has “heard someone speaking Spanish” as their rant button.

The ranter got fired, because no corporation enjoys being review-bombed on Yelp or being the secondary subject of a viral outrage video.

Despite having basically the same job, I can muster no sympathy whatsoever for the ranter. She’s in a position of authority, even if it’s only the authority to expedite service or deny a sale, and she’s using that authority, apparently, to push back against decades-long demographic shifts. So far, so tyrannical… but the way she’s trying to do it is by randomly spewing bile at people who dare speak Spanish in California. How does that move her cause along? It doesn’t. All it does is make her, and anyone who agrees with her, look like the fools they are.

I do have a problem with this:

Moran contacted San Jose Police. The department said the police report is still being processed by the department, but have confirmed Moran reported the disturbance as a possible hate crime

I cordially invite anyone who disagrees to search “San Jose police brutality,” skim through the results, and ask themselves whether that is an appropriate response to being yelled at in a store, even if the person doing the yelling was being foolish, obnoxious, controlling, and despicable.

Via The Independent, because I apparently don’t follow the right outrage-bait news sources and this California story only reached me by way of Houston and London.

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