Obscure blogger wins Iowa caucuses

This post’s headline was a lie, but it’s only slightly less ridiculous than what actually happened at Iowa’s Democratic caucuses, with the candidates who didn’t claim outright victory claim that they had the necessary momentum and/or their share of Iowa’s delegates.

Preliminary blame for this sideshow has been assigned to app developer Shadow for making other app developers look bad with their unstable vote-reporting app. Shadow has a tangential connection to the Clintons as well, to make the story a little more juicy.

The Iowa Democratic Party isn’t off the hook yet, though, because (as far as we know at present) no one there apparently thought to test the new app before the big day. If the confusion isn’t resolved quickly through the paper and photo backups they allegedly kept, their weird prominence in American elections may well be called into question (there are already scattered calls to “abolish the caucuses” and “redesign the whole primary system” on Twitter).


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