15. A very boring post about my news-reading habits

On being behind on my news reading:

As part of my ongoing quest to keep my TiddlyWiki’s size down, I’ve started to limit myself to clipping ten articles a day. Since I clip most of the articles I read, just in case, that means I stop reading my RSS feeds after the tenth article, no matter how far behind I am.

And it isn’t just RSS feeds I’m pulling from. I’d like those local iframes to link to each other when they should, so before I can export an article, I have to clip and export every article I’m interested in that it links to. I do a few of these as part of my “daily oldest” routine; the number varies, but last night it was five, meaning I clipped five other articles from my feeds.

For extra variation, I don’t always read my feeds in strict chronological order. Sometimes I’ll try to catch up with whatever feed I’m most interested in at the moment, and sometimes I’ll limit myself to one article per feed per day. This means that I’m caught up with a few feeds and six months behind on a few others.

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