12. Secondhand news

I was recently invited by a customer to share their outrage at a bit of culture-war news. It was in one of the newsfeeds I follow, I learned later, but I was (and still am) far enough behind in my news consumption that I hadn’t heard of this one yet, so I had no idea what she was talking about and my noncommittal reaction reflected that.

Well, that and I don’t exactly trust some random culture warrior to accurately report what happened, so I couldn’t react to what she was saying with the surety she expected. (I prefer the little culture-war news I consume to be in writing, so I can parse it for reliability and context at my own pace.)

And also I find myself unable to care all that much about students trying to cancel a college professor, especially since it isn’t a local school and the only connection I or anyone I know has to it is that it’s one of the schools I considered applying to, when I was a high schooler.

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