The state of the Circus, April 2020

One silver lining of the Plague, its domination of the news media, and the related cancellation of most public gatherings is that the Circus has grown mostly silent. Trump and Biden are still running for president, sort of, but we don’t hear much about it.

…Trump and Biden. Ick. I predicted that if Biden was the Dems’ nominee I’d be revulsed by the entire campaign, and when it starts up again in earnest, I probably will be.

It may be for the best even for Trump and Biden partisans that their campaigns have gone all-virtual. Looked at from Trump’s side, he has a reported edge in this area; looked at from Biden’s side, it’s in their interest for voters not to examine their candidate too closely (not to mention the theory that the Dems are content with Biden because a Biden loss won’t hurt the party too badly).

The Biden campaign may also be hoping that if they stay quiet long enough, Trump will beclown himself badly enough to turn off the electorate, but that would be a fantasy. Trump has been beclowning himself for nearly five years now, and that’s just counting his political career – that’s why I call him the Assclown – and he somehow still has a base.

Biden has no base. He has the anyone-but-Trump crowd, the nostalgia-for-Obama crowd, and a strong chance of losing this election.

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