Not Joe Biden, please


Former Vice President Joe Biden is expected to join the crowded 2020 Democratic presidential field next week.

The decision answers one of the most significant outstanding questions of the early presidential primary season, which has already seen announcements from 18 other Democrats.

That question was, “How bad of a candidate will the Dems put on the ballot?”

Yes, I know he has “electability,” or as the AP put it, “a record in elected office that stretches half a century.” And yes, the Dems might prefer a career pol, because the last non-Establishment pol to win a presidential election was the current assclown.

Biden is also a bit of an ass, though, just with more control over his mouth. For example, he’s been known to get handsy with women, though he has enough cunning not to brag openly about being able to “grab them by the pussy.” Lesser-evil voters take note.

He also can’t move people emotionally like Obama or Bill Clinton could. And the rap on Biden re: policy is that he doesn’t know or care about what’s good for his constituents, only what’s good for his reelection chances and what keeps him in the Establishment’s good graces. The only points in his favor are his “electability” (groan) and that he doesn’t announce his character flaws daily on Twitter.


There’s still a chance that Biden won’t be the Dems’ candidate. We might still get something like Weld vs. Buttgieg. I still wouldn’t vote for either of them, but I wouldn’t be revulsed by the entire campaign like I’m probably going to be by Ass vs. Assclown.

And Biden’s already leading in the Democratic polls, even though he isn’t officially running yet.

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