About the “herd immunity” talking point

If you follow virus news at all, you’ll undoubtedly have heard of herd immunity. The official consensus is that herd immunity is a good enough thing to justify vaccine mandates and internal passports1 so that we’ll achieve that magical vaccination number of… is 80-90% still the most recent target, or has it gone up again?

Well, about that number:

  • The virus has been detected in zoo animals, house pets, and wild deer.
  • Animals can undoubtedly transmit the virus to humans. That’s one theory of the virus’ origins, and if you don’t believe it, then a quick search for “bird flu” or “swine flu” will suggest that animals can transmit the disease back to humans.
  • Chickens alone outnumber humans by over 3 to 1.

Good luck with vaccinating 90% of the animals on Earth.

And every once in a while, some technocrats will admit this,2 but their mass-market messaging, built around the premise that people can only understand one or two words at a time, has no room for nuance.

  1. This one is an interesting read because of how cringe-inducingly hard the author is willing to argue that vaccine passports aren’t “coercive.” Sure, under his ideal system people without a passport can’t work, shop, or travel, but threatening them with pauperization and starvation isn’t coercive… somehow. Maybe he only counts it as coercion when the cops threaten people directly, not by proxy (by threatening to raid and shut down any business that dares serve the noncompliant).
  2. …usually because they estimate that the virus is mutating into new variants faster than vaccines can be developed for them. I prefer the animal-population thing as a reason, because it’s based on more widely known facts.
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