1. This could be the beginning of…

So here I am writing a few words between customers. There are a few reasons for this.

First, I feel like it. I’ve been getting the old writing itch again lately, after months in remission. I haven’t been doing anything about it, though. I work 40 hours a week and, thanks to borked transport, commute another 20; when I eventually do get home, I just want to relax… and I’ve been out of practice long enough that writing doesn’t feel relaxing, even if I do have the urge.

Second,  I feel like it. I have a few seconds now and then at work, and I’d rather use those few seconds for something of mine. To be blunt, this company is scummy enough to make what the plutocrats call “time theft” the appropriate response.

And finally, I feel like it …I could have sworn that I had a third reason vaguely in mind when I started this thing, and I thought it would be clever to work in that old humorists’ rule about repeating things three times,  but now I can’t think of anything to put here. Maybe it’ll come back to me later. And if it doesn’t, or if I decide not to so that much of an edit, then the end result will still meet expectations. I knew when I started that this thing was most likely going to flow like gravel.

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