17. Current mood: irrelevant

I’m actually in a tolerable mood right now. I haven’t had any Customer of the Day contenders yet. No one has threatened to kill me yet today. Nothing else unusually serious is happening to me, and if I allowed myself to, I could possibly forget the massive pile of bullshit that passes for normal daily life.

(I did have Marilyn Manson’s “Jesus Crisis,” of all things, stuck in my head this morning, and it stayed there long enough for me to consider the ramifications of quoting things like “make up your mind or I’ll make it up for you” in a business setting.)

I can’t allow myself to forget, though. In general, ignoring reality while in a hostile environment would be very stupid, and more specifically, it’s an unwritten job requirement that I constantly check my mood, tone, demeanor, and so on for any outward signs of disgruntlement or irritation, so I can never fully relax and let myself enjoy a good mood while it lasts…

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