A word about Twitter censorship


I don’t care who or what Twitter’s censoring this time. I don’t care whether I agree or disagree with the censored message, or even if it’s provably false. I don’t care if they’re doing it for their own inscrutable reasons or at the behest of amateur thought police or tyrannical governments. Censorship is always, always, always a bad idea.

Putting aside the ethical concerns — because censors don’t share the same ethical language as decent people and I couldn’t possibly explain it to them — censorship is foolish. If you want to convince people that someone’s wrong, the way to do that is to present evidence of their wrongness. If you’ve destroyed or suppressed that evidence, it’s only your word against theirs, unless you can successfully argue from authority or invoke your audience’s confirmation bias. You don’t want to encourage logical fallacies in your audience, do you?

I acknowledge that Twitter, like every other person or group, has the freedom of association, but its current practice of haphazardly suppressing things based on rules it only haphazardly bothers to inform its users of is asinine and terrible and should be repeatedly called out as such.

P.S. Everyone who responds to an instance of Twitter censorship with “they should censor this instead” can go fuck him- or herself with a weathervane.

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