Today in corporate pseudo-charity


As technology changes the way people live and work, Google says it doesn’t want to leave anyone behind.

The search giant on Thursday introduced new initiatives aimed at training and educating workers find jobs and grow their businesses. Google is promising $1 billion over the next five years to fund grants to nonprofits globally, to try and prepare people for the “changing nature of work.”

…followed by some blather about “opportunity” and “help.”

What isn’t mentioned:

  • Google is a large company, with a large appetite for new workers.
  • The “opportunity” and “help” they’re offering here specifically makes those “helped” more likely to get jobs at Google, or jobs that demand Google/Alphabet products and services.
  • A billion dollars over five years fits neatly into Google’s normal human-resources and marketing budgets. (If this trend continues, it’ll gross over $600 billion in that time.)

In summary, a megacorporation is trying to do some good for itself, and it’s publicizing the act as a charity giveaway.

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