Oh no! Something that shouldn’t exist is understaffed!

Someone has a complaint about Trump:

More than 250 retired generals and admirals sent a letter to President Trump on Tuesday, urging him to appoint leaders to the President’s Council on Sports, Fitness and Nutrition — which has remained vacant since he took office.

And why, pray tell, is it the government’s business to promote fitness?

“As retired senior military leaders, we know that encouraging more young Americans to lead healthy lifestyles is a critical part of ensuring that our nation is prepared to respond to the challenges of the future,” reads the letter from Mission: Readiness, a national security nonprofit.

Excess weight, the writers say, prevents nearly one in three young adults from qualifying for military service, threatening future military readiness.

Oh, the horror! Some people will be too fat to kill strangers at a politician’s whim!

So I decided to look into this “Mission: Readiness” and found this:

The more than 700 retired admirals, generals, and other top military leaders who are members of Mission: Readiness recognize that the strength of our country depends on a strong military. Since 2009, Mission: Readiness has championed evidence-based, bipartisan state and federal public policy solutions that are proven to prepare our youth to be citizen-ready and able to serve their nation in any way they choose.

“Citizen-ready” is cringeworthy. It presupposes that “citizens” have a duty to serve their governmental masters – in this case, to be physically fit enough to commit murder.

Mission: Readiness’ parent organization, “Council for a Strong America” (double cringe), does hold some agreeable positions, like that maybe cops shouldn’t be so goddamned trigger-happy, but I suspect their motives are something along the lines of “dead and jailed teenagers make poor soldiers.”

I suspect Trump’s motive for not fully staffing this nonsense is that he simply isn’t interested in it, but we’re probably still better off.

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