The cop won’t be charged with murder because he was hallucinating

No, really, that’s what the DA said about Andrew Finch’s shooter:

“The officer believed Mr. Finch was the suspect who had shot his own father and had been holding his younger brother and mother hostage,” Sedgwick County District Attorney Marc Bennett said Thursday. “This officer perceived these movements by Mr. Finch and believed the subject that he was looking at, Mr. Finch, was reaching for the gun that he would have used to shoot his father moments earlier. The officer believed he saw a gun come up in Mr. Finch’s hands. The officer stated that he discharged his weapon, thinking that Mr. Finch presented an imminent risk to the officers.”

“The officer believed he saw a gun come up in Mr. Finch’s hands.”

There was no gun.

The cop was hallucinating. Either that or he lied; saying he was hallucinating is giving him more benefit of the doubt than he likely deserves.

He’s still going to be a cop, wandering Wichita with a license to kill. And his future victims aren’t even allowed to know which cop to watch out for, because his bosses are keeping his name a secret.


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