The circus begins

The Republican National Committee has decided to support Donald Trump’s reelection, surprising no one. He is the incumbent and has an incumbent’s campaign advantages, no matter how much of an assclown he is.

So the question is: how much do the Democrats think they can get away with this time around? How meritless and/or despicable an alleged human being do they think they can put on the ballot and still have a chance?

The probable answer is: very.

A few are already running, but the one generating the most buzz so far has been Kamala Harris. She says lefty-sounding things, and she ticks off a couple of demographic checkboxes. Unfortunately for her, a lot of that buzz has come from lovers of civil liberties who have memories more than a couple of years long; Kamala Harris, as a prosecutor, was gleefully authoritarian.

Let’s see how many Democrats will pretend to have a problem with that.

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