It’s a year from now, Kamala

The 2020 election is 622 days away, and the New Hampshire primaries are 356 days away, but we’re already getting New Hampshire horse-racing stories like this one from NBC:

Kamala Harris confronts the ‘elephant in the room’ on the campaign trail

On her first visit to the first-in-the-nation primary state of New Hampshire, the California Democrat said she intends to fight for every vote there.

…and the article goes on to explain that she doesn’t need to win in New Hampshire, just not embarrass herself too badly. And that might be right. In 2016, Sanders beat Clinton by 22 points, and second place on the Republican side went to John Kasich (here’s John Kasich’s Wikipedia page, for all the non-Ohioans who’ve forgotten who he is).

Even if it is right, though, do we really need to hear about primary strategy a year in advance?

And what will a solid year of ego-stroking from dozens of politicians do to New Hampshire voters’ egos? No wonder these assholes keep getting elected and reelected – look at how much time voters spend getting manipulated.

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