6. In which nothing title-worthy happens

And then there are the days that (so far) have nothing interesting, or at least nothing worth writing about.

Something exciting happened next door, but it didn’t really affect us… and because I’d like for this to not be searchable by my employers, I probably wouldn’t have written about it anyway.

There was some drama yesterday, two separate arguments that led to someone walking off the job… but one of them apparently grew out of nothing, and as for the other one, I know nothing about it and don’t get along with either combatant well enough to ask, if I even decided I cared.

There has been the usual assortment of annoying customers, annoying equipment failures, and annoying annoyances… none of it really notable.

If there was more going on or if I wasn’t caught up with the prep work, I probably wouldn’t be writing this at all.

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