Three things to consider when trying to frame someone:

  • Trying to send someone to prison because they “chatted up [your] brother” is despicable. Don’t be despicable.
  • If you are, in fact, despicable, you’ll need some artistic and technical skill if you’re faking digital evidence. If the conversation in your fake chat log doesn’t “flow,” it invites closer examination, and the seams in your sloppily photoshopped chat-log screenshot might show.
  • Your fake evidence is more likely to be closely examined if the person you’re trying to frame is himself a cop. Cops generally don’t want to bust each other, so if you mail them a thumb drive with a photoshopped chat log, they’re going to go over it very thoroughly, looking for exculpatory errors. And if they find any, they will then throw your despicable ass in prison for as long as they can.
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