An idiot at NBC claimed to own Beat Saber’s soundtrack

There’s a video game called Beat Saber, in which you wear a VR headset and basically play drums with lightsabers. It isn’t a blockbuster, but it’s moderately popular.

It’s well regarded because it’s fun to play air drums and fool around with pretend lightsabers. I haven’t played it myself, but the most common complaint I’ve heard about it is that people finish it and still want more. And the developers got every song in the game removed from YouTube’s ContentID system, because they genuinely wanted to nurture a player community and/or because they saw all the good will and free publicity that games like Minecraft got by letting their players play publicly.

Beat Saber is well regarded enough, in fact, for celebrities like Jimmy Fallon and Brie Larson to play on TV, in one of those late-night “watch famous people fooling around” segments.

In case the headline didn’t give away where this is going:

Because beatsaber appeared on Jimmy Fallon, if anyone records the same level on youtube it gets flagged by content ID and gets auto-blocked by youtube’s messed up copyright system.

Apparently, some dimwit whose job it is to shovel NBC’s footage into the ContentID bot forgot to make an exception for that part of the show (or “forgot,” if your Hanlon’s Razor is worn out). So, according to the bot, NBC owns part of Beat Saber’s soundtrack.

Someone else at NBC noticed a swell of social-media noise and/or actually listened to the incoming complaints and, according to the devs, “is taking care of it.” So unlike in some other prominent ContentID stories, this situation might get unscrewed and people can get on with their harmless fun without being bigfooted by fumble-witted corporate minions.

Via Jim Sterling.

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